Auckland Wedding Photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand


Hello my name is Kenny,

I have a long body, short legs and big ears like a corgi. I started as a graphic designer and by exploring through my creative nature I have discovered photography, which have also became a passion. It’s like a never ending game with no level and potential cap, which tends to draw me into it more. I find weddings very challenging but also very exciting, no weddings are the same. The venue, the food, the drinks may be the same but your story is not and this is why it fascinates me to create, to explore and to document a story of a lifetime. During this short journey which started during 2014, I have managed to win a few photography competitions and been featured in social media platforms.

My photography style is best described as imaginative, elegant, moody, warm and soft, more like back in the film days with todays digital touch. However my exploration nature doesn’t like to stick to one style as I believe it’s very important to keep exploring and by exploring it is the only way to keep improving.

I enjoy shooting in a natural candid and honest reportage style and I endeavour to work unobtrusively to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable while being the centre of attention. I aspire to capture the event as it unfolds, including the little details important to you.

I Shoot with two Sony Alpha A7III’s and will always bring multiple lenses to every wedding so I never have to worry about equipment failure.

If you have any questions please fill out the on my contacts tab and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Will look forward hearing from you and potentially work with you at your wedding as your wedding photographer.

“What I see through the viewfinder are my canvas, the camera are my hands, the lenses are my paint brushes. I’m not a photographer but an artist.”